15 Tips to design a selling ecommerce website

Designing your ecommerce website is not only about making it attractive. What actually matters the most is the shopping experience given to the visitors. Having the best products or the best deals in the market isn’t enough to see your sales increase. If visitors find the navigation of your website complicated, they will look elsewhere for their needs.

Here are 15 tips to design an eCommerce website that sells.

Make the website mobile friendly: More and more internet users are browsing the net from their mobile phones. If your website isn’t mobile friendly, the navigation will be very baffling which will force visitors to leave your online store.

Include social media links: Social media is the new customer service tool. Nowadays, many internet users rely on social networks to get more information about the services and products. So make your social network accounts reachable from your website. Do so by allocating a visible corner for your social media links without monopolizing the pages.

Let your customers contact you easily: Your contact form or contact information must always be visible to your visitors. The best way to accomplish this is to insert a link to the contact form or all your contact information on each page of your website. You can also add a live chat section that allows visitors to get in direct contact with your representatives for additional information.

Let your visitors know where they are: Use Breadcrumb to simplify the navigation of your site indicating to your visitors their locations on your site. This navigation system lets them understand the structure of the page they reached.

Place the search bar in sight: If you are selling a wide range of products or services, a search bar would be very necessary for consumers to look for a particular item. Placing this feature in sight can invite them to conduct more searches, spending more time on your website.

Integrate a filter feature: Make it easier for visitors, who are looking for something specific, by integrating a filter feature. Consumers should be able to refine their search according to, for example, their size, their favorite color, a price range and others.

Display the prices on the catalogue page: Prices are one of the main things that should be clearly communicated about. Following this, display the prices directly on your catalogue page to refrain users from clicking on each product to check the cost.

Communicate clearly about your stock and delivery charges: After spending some time shopping on your website, it would be very frustrating to reach the checkout process and discover that some of the items purchased are out of stock. Therefore, make sure to communicate about your stock on, both, the products and catalogue pages. Also add the shipping options on every product page to avoid surprising the buyers with the delivery cost at the last stage of the purchase.

Use high-quality images: Your products’ pictures play a very important role in the decision-making of your visitors. That would be a great reason to display high-quality images that grab the visitors’ attention and interest in the products.

Insert many product variations: Your ecommerce website visitors would like to have a better view on your items. Insert more images of your products reflecting different angles, colors, sizes…etc

Add products overviews: Offer products overviews for customers who would like to quickly check the product without leaving the catalogue page. This feature can take the form of a zoom in when hovering over the picture.

Keep your products pages clear: Organize your product pages by allocating a clear display for the different information given (title, description, price…). Also, make sure that your content is understandable by using an easy-to-ready font.

Insert related items: Inspire your visitors with items related to the products they are interested in. For example, on computer pages, exhibit other items that go with it, like keyboards, tablets and others.

Leave the shopping cart visible: The shopping cart must stay visible on each page of the online store. When done selecting the products to purchase, buyers should easily find their way to the shopping cart and the checkout process. Be careful, online shoppers will not want to be sent directly to the shopping cart after adding an item.

Eliminate checkout distraction: You don’t want customers to leave the checkout process once they reach it. Therefore, eliminate all things that can create distractions like related products, latest deals and others, and keep them focused on the purchase.

How to protect your files from hackers

We use our computers to complete many tasks like banking, shopping, social media etc. As a result, our computers are loaded with private data that we sometimes store to access them later such as passwords, bank accounts and credit card details. Hence, keeping our personal data safe and secure from hackers, thieves and malware in case of a security breach or they get stolen is crucial. We don’t want identity thieves and other fraudsters stealing our personal information and selling them to other hackers, which can really damage you financially. In this article, you will learn how to encrypt your files to protect them.

The strongest protection that Windows provide to protect your private files is by using software to encrypt your data. To encrypt your files, you need software that uses encryption technology to create password protected folders or partitions. In these protected folders or partitions, you can save all your sensitive information which is impossible to crack.

Here’s the two encryption software that I chose. Folder Lock is top commercial software and AxCrypt is a free version for windows. They both are excellent at protecting sensitive data. Choose the one that suits your needs.

Folder Lock ($39.95):

With Folder Lock, you can create password protected and encrypted files, folders and drivers. It’s the most downloaded file security software on the net with more than 25 million users. It uses 256 – bit on-the-fly military grade encryption technology to protect your files, which is impossible to crack with hacking tools. Folder Lock has its own Virtual Keyboard, which prevents key-logging tools that might be installed without your knowledge and are running on your computer monitoring your every keystroke.

Folder Lock is equipped with 7 tools; Lock Files, Encrypt Files, Secure Backup, Protect USB/CD, Make Wallets, Shred Files and Clean History, making it the most comprehensive data protection suite on the net.

AxCrypt (Free):

AxCrypt is the leading open source file encryption software for windows. It uses 128-bit AES encryption technology to password protect any number of files. It gives you right-click integration with windows explorer which makes it easier to encrypt individual files, and double-click integration which makes it easier to open, edit and save protected files as it is to work with unprotected files.

AxCrypt has many additional features such as optional pass phrase cache, automatic pass phrase validation before decryption or editing, key-file generation and support, relatively light-weight, less than 1Mb download, Dynamic brute force counter measure, Integrated shredder, industry standard algorithms, data integrity verification and many more.

5 ways to success for your website

There is many ways you can make your website successful and bring in traffic, but you should have the basics done first which are important for your visitors and then you can build from there.

You want your visitors to come to your website and know exactly what your website is about and have interesting content or something that will catch the eye. Below are some of the basics you must have to start being successful online.

1. Content is king.
Having good content is very important and you need to highlight the main things you do. Your website is a selling tool and you need to write interesting content about your products and services. Your homepage should tell your visitors what your company sells and they should know it straight away.

2. Accessibility
Make sure your website is compatible with all search engines and devices, you really need a responsive website today. A responsive website will give your visitors a much better experience from a mobile device and with the large percentage of users today, it is very important to have a responsive website.

3. Testing your website.
When your website starts getting bigger, you must always test your website, you may never know when a plugin might play up or a link goes to a 404 error page if you have multiple people working on your website. So every 2 weeks or so you should test all the pages of your website and make sure it is functioning properly. Having a broken website will only scare a potential customer away.

4. Clean looking website
Simple, clean designs are a great way to go. Do not have too much going on in the website as you don’t want to confuse your visitors or make them focus on 50 flashing buttons. Make sure you have a clean design so your visitors can focus on what you sell.

5. Study your competition
Frequently look at the competition and see what they are going, see what the biggest guys in your industry are doing. There is a reason why they are successful, you may pick up a few new ideas of your own by doing so. Try and view what you do and see how you can make it a little different to others.

The above tips will help you become successful online, you need to make sure these are done well before you go onto making more changes to your website.

There is many ways you can make your website successful and bring in traffic, but you should have the basics done first which are important for your visitors and then you can build from there.

You want your visitors to come to your website and know exactly what your website is about and have interesting content or something that will catch the eye. Below are some of the basics you must have to start being successful online.

There is many ways you can make your website successful and bring in traffic, but you should have the basics done first which are important for your visitors and then you can build from there.

You want your visitors to come to your website and know exactly what your website is about and have interesting content or something that will catch the eye. Below are some of the basics you must have to start being successful online.

Tips On How To Get The Best Webcam

Well, basically all webcams are the same as they are aimed at the same purpose to capture and relay the photos to the main computer or computer hardware. At the top of the next to your skin the identical includes a camera along with a microphone. But, technologically they may not be so similar. You will find people who are hi-tech while other people simple webcams. Listed here are tips about how to get the best webcam that suits the needs you have

Precisely what do you need?

When searching for webcams to get you are going to know that different webcams vary in prices. It is very typical to find webcams with various prices and expense tags. Some are beginning from $12 while others cost over $100. What’s the gap or how come some be more expensive than others? This basically comes down to what exactly you need as much as webcams are involved. Why some web cameras to are more expensive than others is the technology found in designing them. Their designs vary with the manufacturer. There are those that hopefully will clip onto netbooks or laptops and some are best suited to sitting along with monitors or simply in addition to a desk. Samples of such webcams include gear head webcams, brother webcams, Microsoft lifecam, only to mention just some.

The sole purpose to the webcam

If you are searching to get a webcam for your essential need of emailing friends through video calls or chats, you’ll definitely be pleased with a fundamental webcam as an illustration the tools Head webcam, Logitech webcams or Macally USB webcam. But, should your intention to get a webcam is perfect for important personal usage as an example telecommunicating, building your own home-based business or video chat, then you may need a webcam that has a high definition, zoom inside and out capabilities, in-built microphone and clear image capabilities. Unfortunately, such webcams are certainly not that cheap although they are affordable. Examples of such top quality webcams include Cyber Track webcams, Microsoft webcams, Tely Labs webcams and Brother USB webcams.

Kind of the lens

There are 2 types of lenses used by webcams these are generally plastic lenses and glass lenses. Glass lenses are more effective than plastic lenses. Additionally, glass lenses are really simple to clean or wipe. Glass lenses in addition provide better and clear images which increase the caliber of the picture. Additionally, they offer zoom. Unfortunately plastic lenses might possibly not have all these features and qualities. Therefore be mindful and view the type of lenses installed in the webcams before selecting one.


Most webcams today employ USB connection to the host computer. But this does not mean that they’re the only ones in the market. Some obsolete webcams which use printer port or parallel connections are still within the market as well. However, such webcams provide bad quality images in fact it is your obligation to make sure you obtain a webcam which utilizes USB connection. USB webcams have better, clear images in comparison with those that use printer port or parallel connection.

What if you’re a first-time buyer?

When it is your first time and energy to purchase a webcam, avoid making the most popular mistake that every other computer user makes purchasing a webcam simply because it is affordable. Unless you use a better understanding of webcams, it is very important do research and locate the best quality webcams in the market industry. You can even seek aid from professionals and always requirement for the highest quality webcam. It’s also possible to read reviews on several webcams just to be clear on what exactly you need.

In conclusion, in order to find the best webcam within the market that will suit all your needs, you will need to consider first the need and purpose for that webcam, look at the price, the connection it uses, the lens and also the design. The aforementioned tips are targeted at guiding you for making that important decision.

More Information On QuickBooks Application Hosting

Any software can be installed or looked at using Virtual Computer’s desktop Infrastructure (VDI) to be able to consolidate and secure your entire business applications and data in a very bandwidth independent environment which is accessible from at any place. This eliminates regional IT costs which include hardware procurement, multilevel setup, maintenance, application installation, upgrades, permit fees, complex integrations, along with installation expenses.

For instance, the QuickBooks™ application solutions are windows and web based. QuickBooks™ is America’s #1 small business financial software assists you to save time and have more organized. New features provide you with exactly where your small business stands and help you time to help you to focus on your small business.

QuickBooks™, with in excess of 80% retail industry share and in excess of 2 million consumers, is the undisputed head in accounting software for small enterprises. Intuit designed QuickBooks to create complete financial supervision capabilities to small businesses who do not want to cope with the hassle of seeking to understand accounting info or debit/credit human resources.

QuickBooks Pro™ is in excess of just accounting application. It is a comprehensive business management option. QuickBooks Pro provides small enterprises more than 15 built-in business solutions for his or her business including:

  1. Easy Accounting, QuickBooks Online Payroll & Primary Deposit Service
  2. Online Banking and Expenses Payment
  3. Integration with Microsoft Word along with Excel
  4. The Completely new QuickBooks.com Website One-click Access to be able to Quicken Business CashFinder
  5. QuickBooks Training Seminars Support
  6. QuickBooks Support Network
  7. One-click Usage of Ordering QuickBooks Provides Online
  8. One-click Usage of QuickBooks Professional Advisors
  9. One-click QuickBooks Improvements Online Quicken & Speed up Home and Enterprise Conversion
  10. TurboTax and TurboTax pertaining to Business Integration
  11. Manages small business finances. Instant usage of customer, vendor along with employee information.

5 new ways to boost an agency aggressive verge

Turning a downturn into opportunity is among the main targets of any Chief executive officer. Thankfully, that is easier compared to it might sound. An exhaustive investigation of the organization processes and a timely and the correct investment in information technologies could possibly be, according to DocPath, the medicine that your business ought to strengthen its competition.

In times just like this, where a global financial crisis threatens many organizations, most organizations tend to be concerned about what is coming and choose to decrease budgets in sectors that might be strategic when accurately managed, for example R&D, Marketing or Training. Yet, these sectors might actually be the types to assist the business emerge potent from a catastrophe and become a step prior to its rivals. It is where the 1st opportunity is spotted.

– Command over printing expenses

Many companies are so distracted and absorbed by their stressful day to day functions they fail to look at processes which are using lots of assets and are creating unwanted bills. Generally, one of such unnoticed activities pertains to printing-out of any type of document or communication. If Chief executive officers could rapidly ask the real expenditures of printing documents inside their businesses, in terms of paper and toner waste, various measures might likely be taken to resolve the situation.

Luckily, at present, a wide variety of document management solutions empower companies to have comprehensive command over the number of documents that are being printed. Most of these remedies deliver reports to produce an over-all vision of the current condition pertaining to hardware and supplies demands, but with appropriate software program for document print control, companies may keep nearly an estimated 25% in printing expenses.

– On-demand printing in business office networks

Being competent to create documents in any sort of conditions and improve process execution times are fundamental requirements for any enterprise. Yet, undertaking these chores tends to be rather troublesome for organizations with major office networks across diverse geographical regions.

On this kind of businesses, making certain that every employee is using the correct version of a certain form, getting a printed format of any form whenever needed or permitting persons to observe the form on-screen, might all appear very hard. Once again, to overcome these issues, the top choice is to choose a remedy that entails applying an intensive, on demand printing platform.

– Documents under control

Usually, one more essential point for any business is being able to securely store its commercial documents and recover them afterwards whenever required. If they utilize an inappropriate document manager then they certainly run the risk of losing vital documents or of the documentation falling into bad hands. This, subsequently, could substantially damage the business image.

The document management system of preference should offer total control over all the documents; but should also enable per-user access and edit permissions, to stop annoying surprises if a document is unveiled.

– Syndication of documents in a Web location

One of the main reasons why companies expend numerous finances on print operations might be seen in our present society, which yet requires a transformation of way of thinking. In fact, receipts, legal contracts, specifics about new services, etc. are all still shipped to potential customers in paper format. This implies that businesses are printing high volumes of documents and shelling out money on covering tasks and batch sorting processes, among other tasks.

There is no concern that modern means of information interchange, just like the electronic ID card or electronic invoicing, are opening up new communications routes with buyers. As such, purchasing a solution that lets operators to request a document to be at once generated and displayed on screen through any browser would definitely be a further step ahead.

In this way, DocPath suggests organizations to research their business activities related to printing and to explore the choice of employing an acceptable document management system. A, good document software decreases document-related expenditures and efforts more than most organizations would anticipate.

Online Computer Training

You’ve decided that it’s time to join the 21st century, or perhaps you’re simply looking to brush up on your skills. Either way, it is time to get some computer training, and you are looking at all of your options. One of the most popular options available today for getting training of any kind (computer training included) is the Internet.

Online computer training is one of the easiest and most convenient methods of training available, provided you have a good Internet connection. In fact, it is probably a good idea to have a high speed Internet connection such as DSL or cable service in order to get the most out of this method of training. While a few training sites will work with the standard dial-up service speed, most will not. Add that to the fact that many people who are on dial-up do not achieve the maximum FCC allowed speed of 56 kbps, but average something much slower. That being said, if you’ve got a good, high-speed service, you are ready to sign up for some online computer training!

Online computer training usually consists of several features that appeal to the person wanting to learn from home. One such feature is that you are on your own schedule. Usually there is not a specific time of the day or day of the week that you are required to do your learning or testing. However, there is usually a time limit for completing the course, especially if it is training that you have paid for. The resources and any reference materials from the course are only available while you are training and /or testing, and cannot usually be accessed after the expiration date of your training or subscription.

Materials are presented in many different ways as well. Some online computer training sites have quite a bit of information available for study as e-books in the almost universal PDF format. This format from Adobe has been popularized mainly because of its wide adaptability to different operating systems and computing platforms. It will work with the PC running almost any version of Windows, as well as the Macintosh from Apple. In addition to e-books, a lot of training sites take advantage of the broadband revolution by presenting material in various video formats. This is one of the principle reasons why it is recommended that you have broadband Internet access if you are going to take advantage of online computer training.

Another way to take advantage of online training is to locate training that may be available for free. There are many forums and websites that will present information that will provide great online computer training. This information is free, but it is up to you to dig in and learn. This type of ‘training’ is best utilized by those who are self-starters, motivated to teach themselves as much as they can by reading and researching the vast array of material available online. There have been many cases of people who are self-taught using this method to learn everything from HTML and CSS to how to build a computer